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Tilman Walterfang's "Seabed Explorations" is comprised of a network of individuals and companies, who are dedicated to the discovery, excavation, conservation and exhibition of shipwrecks and artifacts of archeological significance which, at some time in history, have been lost to the oceans of the world. 


As an environmentally conscientious commercial enterprise, Seabed Explorations is representative of a core team of undersea archeologists, distinguished scholars, specialists, as well as conservation and preservation experts that work in harmony to assist in the care, management and authentication of shipwreck finds.

We recognize the profound responsibility that comes with the management of relics and artifacts that can unlock the secrets of ancient civilizations. While striving to be the very best in our business, we are fully committed to conserving the world’s underwater cultural heritage, that it may benefit both present and future generations while lending cultural enrichment and enjoyment to their descendents.


"With its hard-won experience and extensive knowledge-base, Seabed Explorations retains the skilled personnel, collective assets and technical resources required to assess the practical and economic feasibility of potential salvage scenarios."

Our network of experts maintain a presence in numerous countries and maritime domains; and collectively represent hundreds of years of combined experience and accumulative knowledge in the field of maritime archaeology, hydrographic survey and research.

Seabed Explorations determines whether a shipwreck site or archeologically significant cargo has already been partially salvaged (or looted) or damaged by other forms of human interference and analyses the maritime conditions that might constrain or lend aid in a proposed recovery process.

Treating Precious Relics With Care and Respect

Seabed Explorations recognizes the magnificent cultural significance and often priceless scientific importance of its discoveries and strives to make them accessible to the world.


The artifacts, have now been revealed to the world with the assistance of the Smithsonian Institution; and thanks to Tilman Walterfang’s ethical philosophy, it was kept intact as one entire collection, so that it could be studied in its original context. Walterfang kept the precious cargo in its own private conservation facilities for six years, where they were been painstakingly desalinated, studied and carefully conserved.

Seabed Explorations pays meticulous attention to historical,
archaeological and conservation procedures.

The Concept of the Conservation of Seawater Finds
by Andreas Rettel in The Belitung Wreck: Sunken Treasures from Tang China, unpublished. New Zealand: Seabed Explorations, Ltd., 2004. All rights reserved.

Jewel of Muscat - Reproduction of an ancient Arabian Ship

The Jewel of Muscat was built as a joint effort by the governments of Oman and Singapore with the assistance of Dr. Mike Flecker, who was employed by the Seabed Explorations during the recovery process.


The Tang Dynasty cargo was eventually acquired by the Singapore Government who now house the artifacts in the ArtScience Museum, with a mandate to support further research and conservation.

Exhibitions and World-Wide Tours – For the Enjoyment of All

In each instance with our Intan Shipwreck Collection, the Maranei Shipwreck Collection and the Tang [Belitung] Shipwreck Collection, a deliberate decision was taken to refrain from auctioning the cargo piece by piece, as this would have scattered the priceless artifacts across the world, thereby destroying the historical context of the cargos. At all times the priority has been to maintain the integrity of the collections as a whole and all three collections have been installed in well-appointed museums, thereby enhancing their strategic value. In this regard they represent an integral part of the cultural and diplomatic capital of the participating Nation-States.

Recognition of Strategic Value -
The Creation of a Compelling Investment Thesis

Seabed Explorations demonstrates that such strategic value comes not only from identifying a special resource such as an historically valuable shipwreck, but also from respecting the integrity of such a resource.